Types and production process of hardware elastic pieces

The production of metal shrapnel is a special process for cold stamping materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) through stamping molds. Its types are complex and diverse, and can be divided into spiral metal shrapnel, scroll metal shrapnel, plate metal shrapnel, etc. according to shape. It can also be divided into plastic metal shrapnel, stainless steel metal shrapnel, copper metal shrapnel, iron metal shrapnel, aluminum stainless steel shrapnel, etc. according to material. Most of them are made of metal spring steel, which plays a high-quality switching role between products by virtue of the conductivity of the metal spring

In the classification of hardware shrapnel, battery shrapnel and mobile phone hardware shrapnel are widely used:
1. Battery shrapnel: Battery shrapnel is one of the metal shrapnel, mainly made of stainless steel shrapnel, copper shrapnel, and iron shrapnel. Due to its good conductivity and elasticity, copper is generally used

2. Mobile phone hardware elastic piece: It is also a type of hardware elastic piece, mainly used in mobile phones, and generally made of copper