Precision hardware processing technology and operating specifications

Precision hardware can be cut according to production needs, and then some small parts can be processed by gong cutting or CNC processing. Precision hardware containers must be made by using a cutting punch, followed by welding, sanding, and oil spraying before the parts are made. The following editor will introduce you to the content of precision hardware processing technology and operating specifications. Welcome to read

1. The processing process route is highly uncertain, and a part or product can have multiple processes. The production process requires a wide variety of mechanical equipment and fixtures

Due to the fact that hardware manufacturing enterprises mainly process in a decentralized manner, product quality and productivity largely depend on the technical level of workers. The degree of automation is mainly at the unit level, such as CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems, and so on

Product parts generally adopt a combination of self-made and outsourced processing. Special processes such as electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, and screen printing radium carving will be entrusted to external manufacturers for processing

4. There are many parts required, and the workshop site often needs to fill in a large number of material requisitions and zigzag production orders. If there is process management, a large number of process transfer forms need to be filled out



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